Wednesday, December 3, 2014

St Albans Christmas Markets

The St Albans Christmas market is really nice.  Santa or Father Christmas as many call him here was in his Grotto with no one seeing him so I popped in for a visit with him!!  It is a little hut with woodland animals and trees in it.  The children get a gift from him when they visit the Grotto (you can see the gifts in the picture beside him) and there are mushroom stools to sit on.  Had a wonderful visit with him!!

Also saw the St Albans Cathedral and clock tower. Will be great place to wander with a beautiful park surrounding it this spring and summer.

My friend Sharon with the Market in the background

Incredible wooden carvings at one of the market stalls

St Albans Cathedral

Father Christmas in his Grotto

Sister Nemeth and Father Christmas in the Grotto

The Grotto (some say Santa some Father Christmas)

Interesting little door on the clock tower

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