Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dunstable Service Project

May 9th we were able to be part of a service project with the Dunstable ward at the Dunstable Cemetery.  Lots of over grown trees and bushes that were completely covering graves.  So we helped to cut back and uncover those graves.
Our project was to cut back this huge Yew tree to
 expose several covered graves and the pathway.
It was a massive job

Andy, Tom and Boon chopping and sawing 

Another grave uncovered

Chris Smithers helping uncover and cut back

Deana Blanco, Andy Stirling, Sister Nemeth, Dorota Witzchek, and Boon
After the Yew Tree project!

All the workers.  We had a tour of the old cemetery after this picture was taken

Boon and Dorota

May is Here

Not sure how April disappeared on us but May started with the birth of the new Royal Baby Princess - Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  Many sights in London were lit in pink for her that day!  We also had our Stake Conference where we were sustained and set apart as Stake YSA Advisory (already doing that but officially listed with them and Elder Nemeth onto the High Counsel for the Stake.  We love working in the St Albans Stake and wards here.  So many great people.

Prince William & Princess Catherine (Kate)
with their new little Princess Charlotte
May 2, 2015

Little Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
May 2, 2015

Sights of London all in pink for the new Princess

Pink water in fountain at National Gallery

Elder Ruiz de Mendoza from Spain with us
Visiting for our stake Conference and asked for a picture with us

"Our" Elder Jensen who went home in March came back for a visit.
So fun to see Mitch Jensen again and his parents and 2 sisters.  Great missionary.


Not really good about taking pictures of everything but here are a few I did take.

Play Dough Dictionary at FHE
Tom and Ilana sculpting 

Milena and Kerrianne 

YSA lunch in Milton Keyes (45 minute drive from our house)
Authentic Chinese food restaurant and store owned by the Fu's (Watford Stake)

Boon and Lou deep in concentration playing water ping pong

Spring Baptisms

We were privileged to be a part of 3 baptisms in the St Albans ward this spring.  Nader (Nadz) Goudarz was baptised on April 25th.  He is from Iran (Persia) and has lived much of his life here in England.  Sharon Matthews was baptised April 30th.  She was born and raised in St Albans.  Arthur Budka was baptised May 1st.  He is from Poland and here working in England.
Nada with his Mom and 2 sisters

Rich Biggs, Nadz and Elder Evans

Really special that Sharon's parents could be at her baptism

Sharon with Elder & Sister Nemeth

Arthur with Elder and Sister Nemeth

Our District with Arthur on his baptism day
Sister Ishizawa (from Japan), Sister Quinn (from Arizona), Arthur (from Poland)
Elder Moreno (from Spain), Elder Gibbs (Utah), Elder & Sister Nemeth (Canada)
Elder Gore (Yorkshire, England) Elder Evans (Utah

April is Here

Can't believe it has been over month since we have posted anything.  Will try to catch you all up on what we have been doing over here in sunny England.  April was a busy month that flew by and May is promising to be that way as well since we are already half way through!  Our month started out with General Conference which we were able to show all 6 sessions at our house.  Lots of Young Single Adults as well as a few others came.  We had a variety of numbers depending on the session with the largest being 19 and the smallest (those were usually for the 9 - 11 p.m. session) being 4.  Had lots of food.  Some stayed the whole day and talked with us in between sessions.  It was a very full two days.  2:00, 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. each day.   The first week in April we were finally able to get to the London Temple!  Seven months of pain had finally been managed enough with medication and surgery that Elder Nemeth was able to make the trip.  It is about 1.5 hour drive from our house - most of that on the "motorway" (aka highway) called the M25 that is a huge ring road around London.  We are on the north side and the temple is on the south.  There are accommodations there so we stayed over night to lessen the travel per day.  So wonderful to be back to the temple again.  We had missed that.  Ever grateful for the improvement in his back - not 100% yet but much much better.

Smaller group in our living room for the English version of conference
Elder Nemeth, Derek, Li and Sun watching General Conference in Mandarin
Not sure how much Elder Nemeth to from this one!
April 7 in front of the London Temple
Elder & Sister Nemeth
London Temple   April 8th
Temple President's residence and other accomodations
Guest accommodations & housing for two temple counselors
Front of London Temple
Early spring and flowers are just coming out
Part of the grounds at the temple with the daffodils everywhere