Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More YSA Baptisms

Connor Richardson was baptised in the Hitchin Ward on July 12 and Silvia Panico was baptised in the St Albans ward on July 18th.  We work closely with these new members and enjoy getting to know them as they embrace the gospel and opportunities ahead.  July 19 we had a fun dinner with many YSA and families at Sister Hawkshaw's home in Lower Stondon.  So many great people here we are fortunate indeed to be a part of this Stake.

Elder & Sister Nemeth, Connor Richardson,
Elder Cook & Elder Withers

Us with Silvia Panico and Brother Sean Connolly on her baptism day

Such  sweet girl!  We have spent many hours with her.

Elders and YSA enjoyed playing table tennis and some guitar playing

Fun dinner at Sarah, Fraser and Jake Hawkshaws home

July 11th Temple Trip

Wonderful day at the temple on July 11th.  Met for a picnic on the south lawn, then all enjoyed time in the temple and a devotional with a member of the temple presidency.

Boon at our house waiting his ride (lift as they call it in England)

Helping Hands and Big Guy's 60th birthday

July 4th was Elder Nemeth's 60th birthday.  There was a Stake Helping Hands Service project at a community garden that we worked at for most of the day.  It was fun to work along with many people from the Stake as well as others from the community in the beautiful area with green rolling hills.  Once home and cleaned up we enjoyed a true "Cornish Pasty" that a friend had brought from Cornwall.  Cornish Pasties were served to the coal miners.  Their wives would make a stew type meal and wrap it in a pastry so they could eat and be filled.  True Cornish Pasties have a braided rim on them because the coal miners hands were dirty from working in the coal mines.  They would eat their dinners holding onto the braided pastry and then toss out the dirty braided part when finished because it was blackened from their dirty hands.

Elder Nemeth with Brother Kilbey

Nazdi Roto tilling

Large area we worked over from sod
and prepared for a community herb garden

Cleaning up weeds from shrub beds

Planting, weeding and moving dirt

Elder & Sister Nemeth 

Cornish Pasty

The birthday boy bites into his feast!

Beef, carrots, potatoes and onions in a pastry.

BBQ & New Mission President

June 14th we had a BBQ at Rowland and Barbara Elvidge's home after church.   It was a fun and yummy enjoying barbecues burgers, salads and treats with the YSA.  Elvidges are the YSA advisory couple for St Albans Ward.

Great Day for a BBQ with friends

July 3rd St Albans and Northampton Zones met at the St Albans Chapel to meet with our
new mission president and his wife, President and Sister Stevens
They are still shy and tucked away in the middle of the group.  Just arrived 2 days before.

Baptism and Barfi

Andrew Young was baptised on May 31st
He is great fun and enthusiastically joins in the YSA activities

"Barfi" is Persian for "Snowy"
She is Nadzi's dog and comes to our house regularly as we meet with Nadzi
This is her enjoying the back garden

Barfi loves playing ball

FHE Photo Scavenger Hunt

June 8th we had a photo scavenger hunt for Family Home Evening.  Three teams, a list of places they had to go and get team pictures taken.  Lost of fun was had by all.
Natacha, Rich and Andrew at the Royal Mail Box

Kerrianne, Tom and Boon in front of a poster for a movie
Shaun the Sheep is a popular guy over here in England

Nadzi, Joseph, Callum and Samantha
near the Comet airplane

Callum, Nadzi, Barfi (the dog), Joseph, & Samantha
with a grit box (for sanding the roads)

At the playground

Natacha, Andrew (in the background) and Rich at Nast Hyde Halt sign
A former train rail line and stop (halt)

Andrew, Natacha and Tina at grit box

Kerrianne, Tom & Boon
Platform 1

Final challenge was to give away a Book of Mormon
& get a team picture with the person taking it.

Rich at Platform 1 amongst the ivy 

Tom, Boon and Kerrianne at the Royal Mail

Elder Holland's Visit

June 12th England London and England London South Missions met together at Hyde Park Chapel for a meeting with Elder Holland.  He had been in the U. K. for most of a week meeting with missions, government, charities, YSA and a host of other things so we were privileged to be able to be with him that day.  As he came into the chapel and walked up the aisle he stopped, shook Sister Nemeth's hand and said hello, how are you, doing.  I was the only one he stopped at.  Then all the missionaries from both missions were able to shake his hand - it took awhile for about 500 people to go through each quickly with him for a moment.

Some of the things he talked about will be written later as we took notes.

Missionaries heading up to shake hands

Elder Holland with a Sister from Hong Kong

Elders Kearon, Teixera, and Holland
shaking hand with the missionaries

Speaking (obviously) He spoke for about an hour - it was wonderful

England London Mission in front of the Royal Albert Hall