Saturday, December 6, 2014

Decorating our Tree December 5, 2014

December 5th we had a fun evening decorating our Christmas Tree with some of our YSA friends and our Hatfield Elders.   Erjia, Boon, Derek and Choi have never celebrated Christmas.  Elder Miller and Sarjeant came to help too. Took a little while to get the star on the top without it falling over - eventually Sister Nemeth crawled onto a chair and got the job done!  It was fun to watch as they hung balls on the tree - all at the same place - eye level!  Sister Nemeth had to instruct them that they need to fill the tree - not just one spot. Took a little coaching but they finally finished hanging the balls and ceramic candy canes (they don't have the real ones in England - at least not plentiful like in North America).  Then we put the bead garland on and had pictures.  They were excited about the tree.  We read for the scriptures and explained why we have Christmas - to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus, why we have some of the decorations we do and the meaning behind them.  Then we watched "Joy to the World" video and has fresh fruit (a favourite with them), cheese, crackers, pizza, and a few treats. Lots of fun and laughs.

The next day Sister Nemeth finished off the decorating . . .

Elder Nemeth and Boon attempt yet again to get the Star to stay on top!

Boon, Derek and Erjia

Choi and Erjia hanging decorations
Elder Sarjeant photo bomb

Elder Miller arranging some balls

Elder Sarjeant hanging ornaments.  Derek resting from his labours

Elder and Sister Nemeth with Derek ( he calls us Mom and Dad), Choi, Erjia and Boon

Our decorating team

Finished product after some Sister Nemeth adjustment the next day!

Our special December 1st gift that we love from our wonderful family!  Such a treasure.

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