Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mission Conference November 25th

November 25th we had a special conference with the England London Mission and the England London South missions together at the Hyde Park Chapel in London.  Elder Quentin L Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve spoke to us.  He and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland both served their missions many years ago in England so he had wonderful stories to share with us.  He talked about how the gospel is going to all the world and spreading quickly and how England is a large part of that.  We certainly have seen it as young people from Ghana, China, Nigeria, Germany, Slovakia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and a host of other countries have been taught the gospel here an been baptised.  They are excited to take it back to their countries when they return after finishing "Uni" (university) here.  Elder Cook old of a Bishop in Africa who came up to him when he recently visited there.  This Bishop knew Elder Cook had served his mission in England and told hi he was baptised while going to school in England and now he was serving as a Bishop in Africa.  He expressed gratitude for the blessings of the gospel in he and his family's life.  

He talked about faith, teaching, discouragement, loving and appreciating our companions and learning from them (very easy to do when your companion is your spouse!!), and a host of other things. We will feel at times in adequate - that is normal!  Revelation and inspiration will provide what is needed because of our lack of experience.  When the day for performance comes the time for preparation is past.   He left a blessing that we will understand what we are doing here and recognise that our families will be blessed more than if we were at home.  Any challenges we have will be overcome.  He took questions from many in the group and answered them as well.  It was a great meeting.  Not sure I can capture it adequately in this small write up.

Elder Clifford T Herbertson from the 70 was traveling with him and spoke briefly - as did the mission presidents from both missions.  It was a great day.   

All shook Elder Cook's hand before the meeting

England London Missionaries on steps of Royal Albert Hall

Platform 9 3/4 (for all you Harry Potter fan)

Hype Park Chapel Christmas tree at the end of a soggy walk

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