Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Guy Fawkes Night - November 5th

As you can see we are a little behind in our blogging!  Sorry to all those who are trying to figure out what we are up to over here in England.  It has been busy few weeks.  I attempt to take some pictures to document a few of the things we do.

November 5th is "Guy Fawkes Night."  It is interesting because we heard lots about "bonfire night and fireworks" for awhile before the actual night.  Fireworks were blasting off every night for about two weeks before and a week or so after.  They are sold in the stores so many folks obviously bought them.  Also being as how we live in a university town with the majority of the population being students we suspect there was more partying going on than in some areas of the country.

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament (this was a couple hundred years ago).  They threw him in a fire, so now people build big bonfires, make a stuffed man and throw him into the bonfire.  Nice family friendly thing to do to celebrate your nation!  Somehow singing O Canada, having parades, barbecues and fireworks seems a little more patriotic to us.

November 5th happened to fall this year on a Wednesday evening so we were off for our weekly institute class.  After class we put together some shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child and then did a few sparklers with our YSA.  Driving home we watched the sky light up with fireworks in all directions and heard them far into the night.

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