Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birthday Pampering

Sister Nemeth is feeling very pampered and loved after a very full day of birthday wishes and surprises.  Boon and Erjia came over to cook lunch for us.   It was all so delicious.  A true Chinese meal, cooked fresh.   Derek and the Hatfield Elders joined us to eat.  Absolutely delicious!!  The Elders brought me beautiful roses and a card, Derek brought a big box of Bodyshop strawberry gifts.

Boon and Erjia cooking pork dumplings, abby book choy with pork,
chicken, rice, and wonton soup for our feast

The chefs

Table with food before it was devoured

The party

Roses from Elder Miller and Elder Sarjeant

Being Monday and usually being a full day of preparation for FHE in the evening I had put things in the crock pot and made other plans for that - good thing.   Our guests stayed and we visited and had fun until it was late in the afternoon and we had to leave for an appointment.  We arrived home just before everyone arrived for FHE.  Again I was overwhelmed by the gifts, cards and wishes that poured in.  Once every had left - about 11:00 p.m. I was able to read and view all the wishes and e-cards on the computer.  It was truly a wonderful day.  Not sure I have ever had such a day of celebration for my birthday.
Gold Frankincense diffuser

Chocolate Cookie house 

So many gifts and treats

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