Thursday, October 22, 2015

Visitors from Canada!!! Lots of touring and fun September & October

Had the privilege of having Scott & Terrie with us for a few days, having a Thanksgiving dinner,  and going to see some things here in England with them in October.  So good to have them here.

Terrie & Scott in St Albans Abbey Cathedral

3 Crystal Angels
A special place we were let into not usually accessed by visitors

Stained glass window depicting the beheading of St Alban

St Albans Tomb

No Thanksgiving here but they are decorating for the Harvest Festival

Colin & Scott resting after the long walk through the abbey

Side view of the cathedral from the park

A very Thanksgiving/autumn looking tree 

Gateway into Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral

Lots of beautiful stained glass windows, chapels and tombs

Statues of Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip just unveiled this year by them!
"Oh, look there's us!"

Front of Canterbury Cathedral

Inside cloister at Canterbury cathedral

End of September we had friends form Canada come and spend day in London with us.  Went to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben/Parliament buildings

Westminster Abbey where William and Kate were married
Also where Princess Diana's funeral was held

Cathy, Brian & Karen

Colin & Karen in the Abbey Cloister

The British "Bobbies" guarding the Parliament building
They don't look too fierce although they don't smile

Big Ben and the Parliament building

Here's trouble 2 Esso boys reunited in London
Brian & Colin  

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