Thursday, October 22, 2015

More fun with our YSA

July and August were filled with lost of activities and fun times with the YSA here.  Such a great group of young adults.  We love them.

Half of the FHE group one evening

Elder Nemeth and Simba Stanley Chisenwa at his baptism
August 8th

Andrew, Nadar, Sister & Elder Nemeth, Stanley, Matt, Callum, Sophie & Boon

Hitchin BBQ August 8th

Always food and lots of fun laughs


Frazer, Kiahna, Freya, Callum & Boon
Photo Scavenger hunt for FHE
"Causes Death" sign

Andrew, Sophie, Beth, Ellen, Silvia with Squirt, and Peter

Nadar, Connor, Samantha, Abbey, & Matt
giving a Book of Mormon to someone

Natacha, James, Hazel & Stanley

Sisters Perera & Fenu with Ahmed Mujtaba, Nadar and Elder Nemeth
August 15th - Ahmed's baptism

Stanley, Ahmed, Boon, Nadar, Andrew & Cameron

Alan Hawkshaw, Ahmed & Nadz

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