Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lavender Fields and other fun events in August

Incredible fields full of lavender.  The buzz of bees and the sweet small of lavender fills the air

Samantha, Boon & Silvia

Sam, Silvia and Sister Nemeth

Sister Nemeth 

Row after row of lavender

Sam, Boon & Silvia

Cameron and Matt at FHE game
Shave cream and cheese puffs

George (German Alpine), David (German Alpine), Joshua  , Cameron (Australia), Callum (Ghana)& Matt (France)
All recently returned missionaries 

Paul Cardell concert
we were in the front row

Nadz, Sister Nemeth & Silvia outside the Hyde Park chapel

The "Lads" at the Birmingham Ball

Matt & Sophie heading off to university in Manchester & Leeds
We will miss them

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