Friday, June 26, 2015

Some May & June FHE Activities

Each week as we hold Family Home Evening we have a lesson, dinner and some sort of game or activity.  Lots of fun and laughs as everyone joins in.  Here are just a few of the ones we have done lately.  Water Ping Pong, Chopstick Bolts, and Photo Scavenger Hunt

Boon & Lou's team concentrating at Water Ping Pong

George & Nadar leading their team in Chopstick Bolts

Very intense as each team attempts to stack the most
Dorota, Boon, Joseph

Martin receiving a pass before stacking as Beth stacks

Joseph and Boon - intense stacking pressure!

Elder Nemeth assesses Sophie's skill while Callum supervises

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Callum, Nadar, Joseph & Samantha's team (with Barfi)
Grit box (sand for the roads, they call it "gritting")

Kerrianne, Tom and Boon's team
Movie poster

Rich, Natacha, Tina, & Andrew's team

Platform 1

Royal Mail Box

Nast Hyde Halt
Previous train station

Each team was challenged to give a Book of Mormon to someone
Get a Picture of their team with that person and get
contact information to give the missionaries.

Andrew, Natacha and Tina with the Grit/Salt box

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