Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dunstable Service Project

May 9th we were able to be part of a service project with the Dunstable ward at the Dunstable Cemetery.  Lots of over grown trees and bushes that were completely covering graves.  So we helped to cut back and uncover those graves.
Our project was to cut back this huge Yew tree to
 expose several covered graves and the pathway.
It was a massive job

Andy, Tom and Boon chopping and sawing 

Another grave uncovered

Chris Smithers helping uncover and cut back

Deana Blanco, Andy Stirling, Sister Nemeth, Dorota Witzchek, and Boon
After the Yew Tree project!

All the workers.  We had a tour of the old cemetery after this picture was taken

Boon and Dorota

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