Friday, June 26, 2015

Hatfield House - June 5th

Started June off with a trip to Hatfield House with Boon.  It has been the home for Royalty for hundreds of years and is still the residence of the Cecil family who are from the Royal Family.  This house was built by the 1st minister to King James I - Robert Cecil and has been owned by the Cecil family ever since.

Boon & Sister Nemeth in front of Hatfield House
The Fountain is just being constructed

Elder Nemeth at Hatfield House

Back of Hatfield House

The Great Hall

Queen Elizabeth I

Elder Nemeth on the Staircase.
Part of the movie "The King's Speech" , two of the Batman movies, as well as Tomb Raider,
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp and many others were filmed here.

Two views of this room.  Walls filled with pictures of the Royals for many generations
and gifts they received.

Some of the many massive gardens

Chair used for Queen Victoria's coronation.
She was the only person to ever sit in this chair -it is off in a special area.

Great dining Hall

Genealogy made easy for them!!

Elder Nemeth in his glory in the amazing and massive library

More Library pictures

Add caption

Royal Toys

Love this little cow in her stall

Chapel in the house

Organ given as a gift from the Netherlands several hundred
years ago and is still played by the family today

In the Royal Orchards.  They grew millions of grape vines
but never produced any wine from them

Side view from the garden

Back of Hatfield House

Fountain Garden

Sundial Garden

Original Palace where Queen Elizabeth 1st lived
on the grounds of Hatfield House

Some of the many animals they have

Toy store/ gift shop on the property

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