Saturday, January 17, 2015

Snowing in Hatfield - January 17th

We have come to see that snow in England is a big event.  This morning we were walking and some flakes started coming down.  You had to look hard to even realise it was snowing.  Eventually the flakes got a little bigger and a little bit was visible on parts of the path.  Such excitement from those we passed.  Boon was thrilled and when we called him he was watching it out his window so we encouraged him to put on his coat and go out in it to see flakes on his coat.  He did and was so excited "Sister Nemeth, this is so cool!"   It was all gone in less than an hour, the sun is shining and skies are blue.  Love the "brutal" winter we have had here so far!  Once we got home I attempted to get some pictures of our first snow in England.  You will see it is not too bad amongst the green grass and trees.

Our back garden with light snow coming down

Not too bad . . . it has been snowing for about 15 minutes here

Took this picture with the snow against our neighbours home hoping to be able to see the flakes!

Getting snowier

Snow on our car

We didn't exactly rush for the shovel (actually we don't have one!)

End of the "storm" just before the sunshine broke through.  Somehow we survived this blast of winter!

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