Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December Memories

England must be where all the Christmas sweaters for all those parties we have in North America come together.
Everywhere there are Christmas "JUMPERS" as they call them here and people wearing them!
These are just a couple of pictures I took in a store. You can see some of the missionaries wearing others in pictures  in other posts.

They is Pedro 1 and Pedro 2
Sister Gorniak who served with us for a couple of months gave us Pedro before she left for her
home in Tasmania.  Her mother had sent it to her because she felt bad she couldn't watch TV so sent her this to entertain her!  The YSA saw the Mexican hat one night at institute and said Elder Nemeth should wear it so he could be like Pedro!
We gave Pedro to Elder Miller as a Christmas "gift" to take home and remember some fun times we had.  

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