Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love the Ivy

 Everywhere there are ivy plants growing - covering the ground, climbing walls, homes, and tree trunks.  I love the ivy.  It was the one plant I remember growing as a young girl that actually grew and I was proud of.  Now here in England it is everywhere we walk.  Lots of Holly as well .. . "The Holly and The Ivy"  So here are some pictures we took.  This path is behind our house and runs for miles.  Great for a long walk.

Ivy Climbing tree trunks
Ivy covering the ground

Ivy bushes

Our favourite walking path with Ivy growing up all the trees

These tall grass plants are popular here.
I call them feather duster plants because that is what they look like to me

This is one of our many little grey squirrels that frequents our back yard

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