Friday, October 31, 2014

Derek's Baptism

Thursday October 30, 2014 was a special day for us.  The past month we have had the privilege of helping to teach Derek with Elder Miller and Elder Sarjeant in our home.  He is a wonderful young man who moved here from China to attend the University of Hertfordshire here. His name is Meng Yao Zhung (pronounced Mung Yeow Jung) but when he arrived here one of his teachers said his name would be Derek (random).   He is still learning English.  During General Conference the beginning of this month he came for the first time with a friend to our home.  I recognised that he was not very fluent in English so we had conference in English in one room and in Mandarin in the living room.  He loved it and wanted to know more.  The amazing thing is that Boon, who was baptised last Saturday has been helping to teach Derek this past couple of weeks.  He speaks several languages and has been able help Derek understand as he explains the gospel to him in Mandarin.   It has been a good experience for both of them.   He has such a sweet spirit about him and is so excited to learn more.  Both him and Boon have said they didn't know anything about Jesus Christ before and how happy they are to know of Him and learn about him.  He enthusiastically but reverently sings the hymns.  He was very emotional after being baptised and said how happy he was.  

Boon spoke at the baptism - it was amazing.  He was proud to be wearing a new suit he bought - he had never owned a suit before.  We mad sure they had new shirts and ties after their baptisms. Boon spoke in English and then Mandarin on baptism.  Derek asked Colin if he would baptise him and Karen spoke on the Holy Ghost.  It was an honour.  He says we are like his mom and dad and he loves us.

Elder Nemeth and Derek

Derek with Elder and Sister Nemeth

Ahh selfies!  Rich, Elder Miller, Derek and us in this one

Elder Jensen, Derek and Elder Anderson
These Elders are our Zone leaders

Sister Grant, Derek, and Sister Ordanza

Elder Sarjeant, Derek, and Elder Miller
These are our Hatfield Elders
We work with all six missionaries.  The zone leaders and Sisters are in
St Albans.  We are all in the St Albans ward and work closely - just different areas to
cover.  We teach with all six of them at various times - many times in our home- sometimes at others homes.

Eder Nemeth, Derek and Boon

The guys at our house before we left for the church

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