Sunday, October 26, 2014

Boon's Baptsm

Saturday October 25th was a special day.  Boon Tan was baptised.  Boon has been investigating the church for about 10 months now.  He is studying at the University of Hertfordshire to become a lawyer (solicitor).   The university (or Uni as they call it here) is basically why this town of Hatfield is so busy.  It is a university city and our home is just a block from one of the two very busy campus here.  We have had the great pleasure of getting to know Boon as he has been in our home many times for Family Home Evening, General Conference, movies, teaching with the Elders, meals, and just visiting.  He is from Malaysia but wants to eventually go to Vancouver so was very excited to hear we are Canadian because he has always loved Canada.

It has been wonderful to watch as he has grown in his knowledge of the gospel and this past week has been very helpful in helping us teach Derek.  Derek is a new student, this year, from China and speaks very little English at this point.   He can understand some of what we are teaching him and is so excited to learn all he can.  We have had him in our home to watch General Conference and a movie - all which we played in Mandarin for him.  Boon speaks 5 languages so was able to help in teaching.  It was wonderful to see him teach Derek and explain the gospel to him.   We took Boon, Derek and Erjia (she was baptised about a year ago) to St Albans to the church for the baptism.

Boon, Erjia, and Derek

Elder and Sister Nemeth with Boon at his Baptism Oct 25,2014

Elder Sarjeant, Boon and Elder Miller
These are our Hatfield missionaries that we work quite closely with
Elder Allen (from Wales in another picture) also helped to teach Boon with us
before he was transferred a few weeks ago.

A few of our YSA
Erjia, Samantha (Sam), Derek, Boon, Rich, and Callum

It is amazing to be a part of this great work.  As these young people hear the gospel and have a desire to be baptised it is incredible to see the happiness it brings them and how excited they are for everything.  They want to just learn more and more.  It is easy to see how the gospel will continue to go to all the world as these young people come from all over the world  to England (we are currently teaching people from all parts of Asia, Uganda, Nigeria, Columbia, Slovakia and a bunch of other places), hear the gospel for the first time, join the church, then return to their countries, strengthen the church there and bring the message to their friends and families.   It is happening all over.

Yesterday before Boon was baptised Derek was sitting in the chapel and asked me about the printed program for the baptism.  He did not know what the word "hymn" was so I explained that to him and showed him the hymn book.  Then he asked about "invocation and benediction" - again I explained.  Then he asked me to sing "I Am A Child of God" to him.  So quietly I sang the first verse to him.  He was so excited and asked if we could please sing it again when Boon is baptised and pointed to the 1st, 2nd and then 3rd verses as asked if this is how we sing them.  I told him, yes, we would be singing it when the program started.  When everyone arrived and it started he was following his hymn book and singing with great enthusiasm, but very reverently, all 3 verses.  He was so thrilled to be able to sing those words.  He told me he liked them, they made him feel very good inside.  It was such a sweet testimony to me.  I love that song and the very real message it gives.  He also was singing along with the closing hymn "Choose the Right".  It was indeed a very special day.  Derek told Boon on the way home he is very excited for his baptism and wants to be baptised soon.

Tonight we have a meeting with some YSA to get a few more activities organised and calendared.  Our days are long and our nights are late because that is when most of our YSA are available and want to do things.  Days are spent with people coming to the house to be taught, preparing lots of food or shopping for it, cleaning up or preparing for the next event, and sometimes just walking to enjoy the beautiful paths near here.  Still have not taken time to do any great site seeing but will do that sometime in the future.  For now we are getting things moving and loving the work.

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