Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Helping Hands and Big Guy's 60th birthday

July 4th was Elder Nemeth's 60th birthday.  There was a Stake Helping Hands Service project at a community garden that we worked at for most of the day.  It was fun to work along with many people from the Stake as well as others from the community in the beautiful area with green rolling hills.  Once home and cleaned up we enjoyed a true "Cornish Pasty" that a friend had brought from Cornwall.  Cornish Pasties were served to the coal miners.  Their wives would make a stew type meal and wrap it in a pastry so they could eat and be filled.  True Cornish Pasties have a braided rim on them because the coal miners hands were dirty from working in the coal mines.  They would eat their dinners holding onto the braided pastry and then toss out the dirty braided part when finished because it was blackened from their dirty hands.

Elder Nemeth with Brother Kilbey

Nazdi Roto tilling

Large area we worked over from sod
and prepared for a community herb garden

Cleaning up weeds from shrub beds

Planting, weeding and moving dirt

Elder & Sister Nemeth 

Cornish Pasty

The birthday boy bites into his feast!

Beef, carrots, potatoes and onions in a pastry.

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