Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FHE Photo Scavenger Hunt

June 8th we had a photo scavenger hunt for Family Home Evening.  Three teams, a list of places they had to go and get team pictures taken.  Lost of fun was had by all.
Natacha, Rich and Andrew at the Royal Mail Box

Kerrianne, Tom and Boon in front of a poster for a movie
Shaun the Sheep is a popular guy over here in England

Nadzi, Joseph, Callum and Samantha
near the Comet airplane

Callum, Nadzi, Barfi (the dog), Joseph, & Samantha
with a grit box (for sanding the roads)

At the playground

Natacha, Andrew (in the background) and Rich at Nast Hyde Halt sign
A former train rail line and stop (halt)

Andrew, Natacha and Tina at grit box

Kerrianne, Tom & Boon
Platform 1

Final challenge was to give away a Book of Mormon
& get a team picture with the person taking it.

Rich at Platform 1 amongst the ivy 

Tom, Boon and Kerrianne at the Royal Mail

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