Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hi all we have published pictures of our home in Hatfield . . . I put it on pages in this blog and since  we are so new at this whole experience (blogging amongst other things!) not sure if you just see that of have to click into it.

We have had a great week getting to know the area better, Colin practising driving everywhere, shopping, teaching gospel lessons, attempting to get a bank account and a bunch of other fun things.  Not sure if we will  have the internet after tomorrow here at home until it is connected - after we get the illusive bank account - so if we don't respond when you write - that is why!!

Tomorrow we are off the church in St Albans (that is our assigned ward) and then driving way north to have dinner with a family.  Another adventure in driving a new route!!

Have received word that some of you (maybe all of you) cannot see the pictures I posted in pages so will put them on here for you!!

Our home at 12 Selwyn Cr

Our car - Miriva Vauxhaul

Our back "garden" complete with a bamboo tree (I need to get a Panda)

Our room  (we added the bedding)

Our office room

Other side of the office

Dining/Gathering room where we have FHE although it is all over the main floor as they spread out

Dining room out to the garden

Kitchen (washer and dryer, no dishwasher)

Closet bathroom

Front door

View from front door

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