Tuesday, September 16, 2014

After a wonderful flight from SLC to Minneapolis and then onto London we arrived in London about noon Friday September 12th.  Elders Davis and Giles from the mission home picked us up at the airport and we were brought to the mission home in London where we met their wives.  Davis' and Giles are the two couples in the mission home and we have had some contact with them while preparing for our arrival.  We met with President and Sister Jordan (they are wonderful people), got a few instructions, were given a cell phone each, and then taken through rush hour traffic in London (called "the busy time" traffic) to our home in Hatfield.

We will post pictures of our home shortly.  Lots to do here.  We had FHE here last night and the last YSA left at 11:30.  It was great evening.  We will be practising our driving with Rich Biggs, a great young man who is waiting to start "Uni" (they all refer to university as that) in a couple of weeks.  Colin drove to church in St Albans - about a 1-15 minute drive ion Sunday and back again.  The Stake President's wife drove in front of us on the way so we could see where it was.  On the way home we used our "sat-nav" (GPS) to guide us home and only made one wrong swing on the round about, but were able to quickly correct that and realize now what the instructions are when entering one of the many round a bouts everywhere.  So we are learning and laughing about all the things that we are adjusting to.  Grateful to be here and serving.

Just wanted you all to know where we are.  Promise pictures soon to show our area a little.  Haven't been far from home other than to church and the stores.  Just walked to the store so far!  Only a brief shower this morning and other than that it has been dry and sunny.  Nice weather thus far.

12 Selwyn Crescent
Hatfield, Hertfordshire
England  AL10 9NN
United Kingdom

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  1. awesome! so glad you are doing a blog to keep track of all your experiences. looking forward to more posts! love you!